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Updating cross references in word

To do that click on the text you want to reference and create a bookmark (Insert Cross-Reference, select "Bookmark" as the reference type and "Page number" under "Insert reference to".In the "For which bookmark" list at the bottom of the dialog box select the bookmark that you want to cross-reference to.Instead of selecting the entire document, select individual cross-references or a few paragraphs at a time to make sure you don't include items you want left alone.NOTE: You must be using automated caption numbering, Word’s heading styles (mostly), and automated cross-references (x-refs) for these steps to work.Once you're happy with what you have there, click "Insert" and Word will insert the page number at the current cursor location.Now if that bookmark moves to another page as you edit the document and it repaginates, you can easily update that reference without having to manually check it.During editing, however, the caption and note numbers can change, as can page numbering.

In fact, it's ok if I have to run the macro two or three times before it stabilizes. We do this first so that they contain all necessary '' entries and so extend to their final number of pages. For example, if your document contains a , selecting the entire document and using Update Field also forces the table to update.If you want to update these items, the shared functionality serves as a convenience. (If it works in other versions, all the better; I originally had this problem with Word 2007, and nothing seems to have changed since then.) This includes cross-references, page numbers, tables of contents, indexes, headers, etc. If it can be updated by pressing , I want it updated. This is the ability to insert text that references things like numbered paragraphs.We've probably all had the frustration of having a reference in your text that says something like "As explained in paragraph 3.1..." and then in the course of editing your document pargraph 3.1 becomes paragraph 3.4 and suddenly your text is wrong.I just want to have a single macro that finds everything.) My attempt so far doesn't update fields in text boxes inside figures. I'm pretty sure it didn't in Word 2007 but I no longer have it to test.Even worse is when you've used a LOT of manual cross-references and you know that many of them have subsequently changed and you have to manually page through your document and check/update each and every one. Luckily Word has a cross-reference capability that can prevent those problems.First let's use a simpler example and that's referencing text that is on a particular page.


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