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We are delighted with Arria and Andy has done an amazing job as we knew he would.'Local beautician Amanda Mc Guinness, 25, said, when asked about the sculpture's power to transform her moribund Lanarkshire hometown': 'Cumbernauld needs burning down and rebuilding, especially the town centre.A group of homeowners have been evacuated after a massive sinkhole appeared in their street overnight.We would like to know about you, not what you would like to do to either one of us or what you think you can do for us, we will be the judges of your ‘skills’, that can come later if and when we have had a meet for a chat and drinks to see if we get on in person, it is ok to talk over the web but chemistry is what makes it work for us.We are open to most things but will not participate in filth, water sports or extreme pain.

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Residents have been told to stay away from their properties until work is carried out to assess and fix the damage.

Paula is a BBW, size 24, 44dd,so if it’s not your thing then jog on.

LABOUR has pulled the plug on the political careers of some of its longest-standing frontline figures as it bids to retain power in a former stronghold.

The enormous 30ft wide and 10ft deep opening suddenly developed near three detached properties in Plains, Lanarkshire, yesterday.

The crater covered a large section of road in Moffat View.


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