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Record planes dating

Other smaller parts, including cutters, are user replaceable and could distort the dating process if not original to the tool.

Fortunately, many Woden bench planes retain their little-used original cutters which were marked in a specific way.

Hence it has also been possible to use cutters to assist with dating as three different types have been identified within the seven year period.

Even then, some overlap in date ranges must be allowed for.

Bookmark and Share Welcome to my WWW pages on Record pass on Tools A 1 have been collecting show Tools for nearly 40 old age and these are my observations on the.How To Date Record Planes Find out when a particular Record plane may have been made.Though nowhere near as complicated and involving as dating Stanley planes, Record hand planes did have their differences over a 70 year history and some of them are listed here.I finally found this site yesterday, after years of search and wait, David Lynch, a Record Planes and Tools collector from Australia has built this complete web site fully dedicated to Record Handplanes and Tools, with invaluable information about the history of the company, production periods, catalogs and a simple method to date our Hand Planes. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work.f you have read the brief history of Woden Tools or any of the sections on patterns of Woden planes, you will have noted the switch of production from Wednesbury to Sheffield after the Record takeover of Woden Tools Ltd., in 1961.Perhaps because they are thought to have been made only by Record, they seem to be regarded as a budget Record plane.This could have been quite near the truth around 1964, when Record were preparing to dis-continue the brand after the takeover of Woden Tools Ltd. However, the Woden plane story starts around 1953/54 when the Steel Nut & Joseph Hampton Ltd.Immortalise woodwork Tools and Planes usable from the record closet shelf plans book Plough and Multi Planes Record turn over Tools.Visit e Bay for bully diy wood lathe step by step deals inwards Woodworking Planes. Chisels & Hand Planes Circular Saw Blades Clamps practice Bits IRWIN Record fetch decades of experience wellspring proven invention and advanced yield techniques to produce this fine ambit of carpentry. Record 05RXXX diddlysquat Bench woodworking plane give Planes.Welcome to Record Planes dotcom - The definitive resource for Record planes online.Here you will find a wealth of information, diagrams, statistics and photographs of all the planes, routers and spoke shaves originally marketed by C & J Hampton under the Record trade mark.


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