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Leo star sign compatibility chart dating

Relationships all boil down to one thing: compatibility. It would be great if there were a tried and true way of testing the waters without flirting with the idea of heartbreak.

Does everything you are work well with everything your S. Of course, there are ways to get more insight into your relationship. Any individual with access to a tabloid magazine or the internet knows this to be (maybe) true. Astrologer Christie Craft tells us zodiac compatibility runs so much deeper than sun signs.

Some use those kitchy love calculators the internet plays home to, while others consult the zodiac, because the stars don't lie. Having your star charts read isn't a casual after work event, though.

So, for the majority of us, taking into account our sun sign is as close as we'll get.

She is a born leader and is almost always the center of attention and loving every minute of it.

They are just "on the same wavelength" most of the time.In the love association where both the man and the woman is Leo, they have similar styles in love, and their pairing highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of their mutual combination.Both of them seem to be forever stuck in the dreamy first stages of romance, yet they also look for security in their relationship.Expressing affection matters the most to Leo man which he himself does in plenty and expects to get same from his lady love.A Leo woman is a very is strong, aggressive and fiercely independent but together with all this she is exceptionally generous to those whom she loves, with all the beauties of female in her aura.Taurus and Leo can't seem to keep their hands off each other.As fixed signs, they share an urge for loyalty and stable affection.While this creates friction, the many Leo-Taurus couples prove that some prefer the path of most resistance!When first dating, Leo enjoys being the prize possession of the Bull, who shows love with valuable or hand-crafted gifts and advice.Both are uninhibited pleasure-seekers, making sex the glue, and the catharsis for relationship frustrations.High-spirited Leo helps Taurus cast off its cloak of reserve, and indulge in the moment.


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