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Through many invasions and changes of empire, this essential designation has remained a strong identifying marker for all populations living in this region and the many neighboring territories that fell under its influence due to conquest and expansion.Ancient Greek geographers designated the territory as "Persia" after the territory of Fars where the ancient Achamenian Empire had its seat.

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This includes populations living in Iraq, the Persian Gulf region, the Caucasus region, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northern India.Editorials & Feature Articles Analysis: In Mideast, Trump pushes shared worries over Iran - WP (May 21, 2017) Iran's President Rouhani has quite the to-do list - BBC Video (May 21, 2017) Saudis eye Iran and ignore Trump's temperament as red carpet rolled out - The Guardian (May 19, 2017) With no polling stations in Canada, Iranian-Canadians head to U. to vote - CTV (May 19, 2017) Iran election: why next president could steer country's future for a generation - The Guardian (May 18, 2017) Iran Has Its Own Hard-Line Populist, and He’s on the Rise - NY Times (May 18, 2017) When Iran Heads To The Polls, A Stark — If Limited — Choice Awaits - NPR (May 18, 2017) Why Hackers' Threat to Publish Nuclear Secrets 'Won't Damage Iran's Security' - Sputnik News (May 18, 2017) Posting political opinions: how Iran's social media is shaping its presidential election - DW (May 17, 2017) Iran's Instagram election sees rivals battle on social media - BBC (May 17, 2017) The Rise Of The Internet-Based Economy Shows What's Changed In Iran - NPR (May 17, 2017) Forget the politics. - WP (May 16, 2017) Here’s why oil traders are so focused on the Iranian elections - CNBC (May 16, 2017) Iran presidential elections: everything you need to know - The Guardian (May 16, 2017) What does Canada get out of restoring diplomatic ties with Iran?- CBC (May 15, 2017) 14th-century Persian poet Hafez a guide for today's Iranian-Canadians - CBC (May 13, 2017) Iran’s Elections: what you need to know - ECFR (May 12, 2017) Iran election not to jeopardise nuclear deal, affect oil prices - New Europe (May 12, 2017) Iran election: Could women decide the next president?Women's Research Institute-Focuses on women's and family issues.Women's Information & Statistics Center (Iran)-Provides information on all aspects of women's issues. Foundations & NGOs (Abroad) Association for Women's Rights (Sweden)-Aims at giving support to women and young people in their struggle to form their lives independently.Although Mahdavi did not visit Shomal, she attended other sex parties in Iran.One evening, she accompanied her friend Babak to a party held in a huge garden with beautiful hanging trees.- DW (April 23, 2017) Iran rescue mission ends in debacle, April 24, 1980 - Politico (April 23, 2017) Portraits show Iran’s hidden minority of Afro-Iranians - Quartz (April 21, 2017) Trump's nuclear problem with Iran requires a plan B - BBC (April 20, 2017) Tillerson: 'Unchecked Iran' could follow North Korea's path - BBC (April 20, 2017) Trumplomacy: US raises stakes over Iran nuclear deal - BBC (April 20, 2017) Why you're wrong about Iran – and 14 other things I learned cycling around the world for seven years - Telegraph (April 20, 2017) Discharge panel votes to retain naval officer who apologized to Iran - Navy Times (April 19, 2017) Heavy Rainfall Boosts Urmia Lake Inflow - Financial Tribune (April 18, 2017) Iranian Archaeologists Unearth 2,000 Year Old Underground City - Sputnik News (April 18, 2017) Iranian-American groups testify in Washington seeking new ban on Trump travel order - WP (April 18, 2017) Is it safe to travel to Iran?- Star2 (April 17, 2017) Vacation in Iran - New Yorker (April 17, 2017) Iranian Americans, livid over Trump visa ban, to get their day in court - Politico (April 17, 2017) Elections in Iran: 'Clear the path for a woman to become president' - DW (April 17, 2017) In Iran, Hardline Cleric Ebrahim Raisi Emerges to Challenge Hassan Rouhani - Newsweek (April 17, 2017) AP Explains: 1,600 hopefuls, vetting and Islam in Iran poll - AP (April 16, 2017) 'Ahmadinejad challenges Iran's power structures' - DW (April 13, 2017) What Ahmadinejad's run says about the state of Iranian politics - WP (April 13, 2017) Iran, a cradle of civilization - DW (April 13, 2017) America and Iran are jostling for influence over Iraq - The Economist (April 12, 2017) While the U. wasn’t looking, Russia and Iran began carving out a bigger role in Afghanistan - WP (April 12, 2017) The Impact of the Iran Nuclear Agreement - CFR (April 11, 2017) Iran's Electoral Landscape Takes Shape - Stratfor (April 11, 2017) The Russian and Iranian ties that the U. can’t seem to break - WP (April 11, 2017) Women defy Tehran's last minute marathon ban - CNN (April 10, 2017) Why empty suit shops and barber's chairs could spell trouble for Iran's President Hassan Rouhani - LA Times (April 10, 2017) It's not just Syria.The formal name of the Iranian state is Jomhuri-ye Islami-ye Iran , the Islamic Republic of Iran. The terms "Iran" as the designation for the civilization, and "Iranian" as the name for the inhabitants occupying the large plateau located between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf have been in continual use for more than twenty-five hundred years.They are related to the term "Aryan" and it is supposed that the plateau was occupied in prehistoric times by Indo-European peoples from Central Asia.


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