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This assertion, of course, discounts teenagers on Twitter, who use the word "slut" in judgment every other second, and the occasional despicable dude-bro quips along the lines of "Making a sex list sounds like something a sophomore in high school would make before smoking a cigarette in the bathroom.

That or what a porn star that got diagnosed with HIV would make in order to give them some bad news." There are some folks who think that women who discuss their sexual conquest lists (something we've all got in our heads, safe from In Touch magazine's prying eyes) are lesser for it, but for the most part, writers across the internet seem to celebrating Lohan's sexual escapades, even if we're not sure they're not actually real.

The 32-year-old actress - who is currently in a relationship with Garrett Hedlund - thinks she has gained weight since she started dating her fellow...

We’ve all done it before: scrawled, on a dog-eared sheet of paper, a list of all the people we’ve ever slept with.

The Family Affair singer has joined the cast of Mudbound, a big screen adaptation of author Hillary Jordan's award-winning novel.

The story centres on two African-American soldiers who return home to the...

Somehow, Lindsay Lohan is at the center of a sex list scandal that for all intents and purposes doesn't seem as scandalous as we'd expect.

While there's certainly been some progress in the "what's your number?A good-looking Actor 1 whose films have won major awards. A “later on” was definitely implied, while everyone around him just shrugged.He had a significant other at the time of their affair. Because it’s not the first time and it’s not the last time and it’s the secret they’re all expected to keep.The actress co-stars in the movie with Garrett Hedlund and Vin Diesel and admitted that the director's decision to film in 4K...The pair was photographed leaving a nightclub together during the Cannes Film Festival in France last month (May16), prompting gossips to speculate about the stars' relationship, especially as Kirsten was newly-single, having split...Plus there’s still a bunch more names on the list, and there’s gotta be an unblurred photo somewhere. What I have to do is figure out why I don’t like it. There are so many kinds of happiness, not just the one you learned about when you were five years old.” Wow, she IS real. ” and then immediately clarified that she was kidding, saying, “That’s terrible, I’m just joking! Aniston wore “an eggplant scarf,” while “Theroux, 42, protectively flanked his fiancée.” SUCK IT, HATERS! Here are a few: A famous Director who has been known who hook up with actresses.Were the other names left off because they aren’t famous, or because they are married/otherwise involved and it is too potentially damaging to print? (Hint: Check the blind items below.) Jennifer Lopez Hates Being Alone, Is Ready to Admit It (Star) “Look, I don’t love being alone. He had a significant other at the time of their affair.The Daily Beast has created a "Marry, Screw, Kill" game out of some of the more notable alleged lovers, practically patting Lohan on the back.In reference to Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan's presence on the list, Amy Zimmerman writes, "Because the hands-down coolest thing about being Lindsay Lohan is that you get to casually have sex with the guy from Fifty Shades of Grey ... Eh, been there, done that.'" VICE serves up some high fives for Lohan, pointing out the benefit of Adam Levine's "FUCKING ABS" and noting that pretty much anyone would have sex with Garrett Hedlund: " if you’re ever given the chance to have sex with someone who is famous for being really, really good-looking, you have to take that shot." Even the Mirror, a UK tabloid that's not exactly the pinnacle of feminist integrity, promotes Lohan's conquests as a victory: "...But, despite Russell Brand’s best efforts, very few of our sex lists will contain the names of celebrities. is 36 names long, and according to the magazine’s sources, was written by a drunk Lindsay and a friend in January last year: ‘They were giggling and talking shit about people in the industry… She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.’Now that we’ve seen the list we have a whole host of questions – these are the most pressing… which means this supposed sex list can't have been written in 2013, surely? He's not exactly shy when it comes to talking about Lindsay, and is now dating Demi Lovato. Presumably him and Jessica Biel are having a rather terse conversation right this second. We’re not handwriting experts, but her employment of the all-caps could match the two.Jamie Burke – model and ex-boyfriend of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Jamie Dornan – Played a mannequin-bothering serial killer in . Colin Farrell – that one from Heath Ledger – *Sob* Ryan Rottman – Nickelodeon star who had his DUI charges thrown out of court, prompting some commentators to suggest he had the same judge as La Lohan. Then again, anyone impersonating her could have simply imitated her writing…


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