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Gal in exchange 2016 not updating

Now there are 2 kinds of browsers IE which have active X and non-IE browser which are without active X.There is an expected behavior difference in both browsers.An administrator wanted to know if he could set up global safe and blocked lists for distribution to his users.

A global address list allows both administrators and users to find fellow employees' email addresses and send them messages.

Do you need help setting up Outlook, moving your email to a new computer, migrating or configuring Office 365, or just need some one-on-one help? See Support Services for fees and to check availability.

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Once you update the one on the Exchange server, you can test with OWA first to make sure client OAB updates will fix the issue You can follow this article from Microsoft to do so: How to Quickly Rebuild an Exchange 2010 Offline Address Book Follow it down to the Outlook portion, but before you bother with updating an Outlook client, try Outlook Web Access first, and test and verify you can send to the new mailbox. Personally, when I've run into this in the past, I don't mess with the X.500 address at all.

Then mess with updating the Outlook clients (or just wait 24 hours, and they will get it automatically). It is a little of a PITA at first, because after you do this new emails will work, but existing emails that original mailbox sent IF replied to will fail.


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