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Face to face adul tchat

To ensure the availability of the Digital Library we can not allow these types of requests to continue.The restriction will be removed automatically once this activity stops.

Recently, CHC Co P members interested in Health Insurance Literacy got together with Kansas State and put a Base Camp group together to share information.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is offering research grants to try and figure it out.

View an informational webinar The Creating Healthy Community Community of Practice have been involved in educating those with an interest in creating a culture of health — because that in turn creates a healthy community.

The group shares lots of information via the [email protected] e-mail, but members wanted a place to share curriculum, video links and other project ideas in one place – one login.

Basecamp is a software that as their logo states “Chaos, Organized” https://basecamp.com/ The videos they have onsite are great – but we wanted to give everyone a flavor of how the Health Insurance Literacy Basecamp is working.


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