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Eclipse crashes updating maven indexes

Run If this is your first foray into the wonderful world of Distributed Computing, then you are in for some interesting times.First off, distributed systems are hard; making a distributed system hum requires a disparate skillset that spans systems (hardware and software) and networking.However, we’ve all at some point said or thought to ourselves, .To be honest, it might be working on a bunch of tasks that event the Eclipse foundation aren’t sure about, but some of which we can explain to you, and eliminate for you so that your Eclipse can run faster, just like when you first unwrapped it.id=296230 but did a series of jstack traces to debug this. Maybe you could use do some jstack debugging if you experience UI stalls. Cheers, Jörg I seem to have a similar problem as the original poster.I have a workspace with 20 projects, most of them closed, half of them are maven projects. During startup of the workspace all closed projects are briefly opened and then closed again.Eclipse is the market leading IDE of choice for Java developers.

Each of these areas can afflict different amounts of pain to different developers, based on how long you’ve used the installation for, your type and number of projects.

Oh by the way, we’ve created an Eclipse plugin, available for free, which configures Eclipse automatically for you.

It does everything we mention in this blog for you, and even tells you how much faster you’ve become!

"Scanning in progress..." - I believe that everyone have met the issue.

You open some larger project and you can not use the Net Beans IDE for a few minutes until the sources are "scanned", whatever it means...


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