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Early adolescence and dating

New guidelines are being given to child psychologists across the UK that state the age of adolescence should be increased to 25.

A report from the BBC has discovered the initiative is being introduced so that children aren't rushed through childhood and forced to achieve key milestones quickly 'We are becoming much more aware and appreciating development beyond [the age of 18] and I think it's a really good initiative,' child psychologist Laverne Antrobus from London's Tavistock Clinic told the BBC.

You may feel amazed as you watch your child begin to turn into an adult.

But this can be a confusing time for both kids and parents.

This means that some of the methods and practices used in child psychology could also apply, and help, older people.

Hormonal changes continue into a person's twenties, too 'Some adolescents may want to stay longer with their families because they need more support during these formative years and that it is important for parents to realise that all young people do not develop at the same pace.'Commenting on the news, Kate Fallon, general secretary of the Association of Educational Psychologists added: 'Emotional development doesn’t just stop when we turn 18 and young people must be able to develop at their own pace and have access to appropriate support if they need it.

New brain scanning technology has made it possible for psychologists to track how the brain changes into adulthood.

Puberty is defined as the biological changes of adolescence.

By mid-adolescence, if not sooner, most youngsters’ physiological growth is complete; they are at or close to their adult height and weight, and are now physically capable of having babies.

Hall, (1904) suggested that this period occurs due to a search for identity.

The following essay will examine and provide evidence to understand why there is an increase in conflict throughout a period of adolescence.


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