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The billionaire CEO of Facebook bought 700 acres of land on Kauai for 0 million in 2014, though he did not receive exclusive rights to the land with the purchase.

In seeking those rights, he began what's called a "quiet title" process, which allows for ownership of land to be decided by a judge.

Like, if I would blow her off to hang out with Kyle, she'd be like, "Why didn't you call me back? Coach Carr makes us eat those when we want to move up a weight class. Cady: [after seeing Regina in mirror] Regina, wow, you look really beautiful. He's always talking about how unusual you are and it really pissed me off.

So then in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend Kyle who was totally gorgeous but then he moved to Indiana, and Janis was like, weirdly jealous of him. Regina: Motherf - [she spits out the bite of the bar that she was chewing, and then she lets out a high-pitched scream] Regina: Aaaaaaaah! Cady: [Cady smiles] Regina: You know Aaron really does like you.

Regina George: She thinks she's gonna have a party and not invite me?

Regina George: I like *invented* her, you know what I mean?

He said he did not previously understand the "quiet title" process but has reconsidered his legal actions after learning more about it.

Cady: I don't know, I mean, she's so weird, she just, you know, came up to me and started talking to me about crack.

There were gonna be girls there in their *bathing suits*. And then she dropped out of school because no one would talk to her, and she came back in the fall for high school, all of her hair was cut off and she was totally weird, and now I guess she's on crack.

let it be known this season that she is getting to work with her modeling career!

Now that she’s the hottie manager at 9 Mag, her Black Ink celeb status motivated Char to level up.


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