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This index will enable you to identify your Frankoma Pottery if you know the mold number.

Many pieces have the mold number on the base, but older pieces and many newer small pieces have no mold number.

In 1923, Roseville pottery started using the blue ink stamp Rv mark that is often seen on patterns such as Roseville Carnelian I, Rosecraft Panel, Vintage, etc. Roseville patterns produced between 19 were marked with only paper or foil labels and sometimes with the corresponding shape number and size.

Roseville patterns with paper or foil labels include such notable lines as Baneda, Blackberry, Cherry Blossom, Falline, Futura, Jonquil, Monticello, and Sunflower (photo 3).

Numbers followed by an “*” are not Frankoma mold numbers, but numbers assigned by Gary Schaum in his book The Frankoma factory reproduced some items for a private dealer in 1996, and these are marked “**”.

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If this is your first time here, please read the sidebar at right for information on how the California Pottery marks pages are set up.Clicking on the mold number will take you to the first entry of a given piece in the Frankoma catalog.Clicking the links to the right of the date will take you to other photos if they are available on this site.• View list of marks using images • View list of marks by alphabetical text Archiving the Potteries of California Website More Hildred Pieces Sascha Brastoff Full Signature Plate Howard Pierce Collection Le Richeaux Ashtray Barbara Willis 1917-2011 Possible Bauer Rebekah Vase More Calif Pottery On A La Modern Calif Pottery Hunting - Ep. Listing identifying marks for pottery is a challenge.This is because one may wish to look for them by image or alternatively by a text name.The thumbnailis hyperlinked - click on it for a larger picture.For more information about the company, click on the name.These pages present BOTH methods - but they contain slightly different types of information.For Marks by Images: Each image mark thumbnail is grouped under the name of the California pottery that produced it, in alphabetical order.All of the "Unknown" marks are grouped together at the end.For Marks by Text: Each mark is listed as it appears in text, along with variations.


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