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Data bound textbox is not updating

You should always use a Binding Source because it provides the plumbing you need to really make data binding work.

The text boxes are successfully populated with data (from the database) and I can cycle through all the records. I've based this on the first sample project from the book "C# Professional Projects" (Premier Press).As of writing, all properties except for the Text property, is updated as soon as the property changes (Property Changed), while the Text property is updated when focus on the destination element is lost (Lost Focus).Default is, obviously, the default value of the Update Source Trigger.The autor try to correct the defects of databinding of .NET with nasty solution instead of use interfaces to suport databinding of objects such as INotify Property Changed, IEditable Object, IData Erro Info and bindingsourcerefresh.In the following example, the If you have a dialog or a user-editable form and you want to defer source updates until the user is finished editing the fields and clicks "OK", you can set the Update Source Trigger value of your bindings to Explicit, as in the following example: You can use the same technique for properties of other controls, but keep in mind that most other properties have a default Update Source Trigger value of Property Changed.For more information, see the Update Source Trigger property page.Do you ever get that annoying problem where you have bound your business object to some controls on a Windows Form and yet after you make a change to the data in a control, your change is not moved to the underlying data source?I had that happen today, but only when I had made the change through code and then clicked on the Okay button immediately after.In the previous article we saw how changes in a Text Box was not immediately sent back to the source.Instead, the source was updated only after focus was lost on the Text Box.


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