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Dashboard widget not validating

There is a hidden setting to disable the tooltips that show delivery details, if you’d prefer to just turn them off entirely.

Open Terminal, enter this on one line, then press return: Unfortunately it’s not possible for a Dashboard widget to sync directly with i Cloud.

You can also enable or disable "do not disturb" for your GV number (all incoming calls will go directly to voice mail).

- If you have any unread items in your Google Voice inbox, the number of unread messages will be displayed as a little badge on the widget (see first screen shot).

One of these is called Dashboard, which is an application that basically goes over your desktop and displays widgets.

GV Connect is your answer: a Google Voice Mac client in the form of a widget which allows you make calls and send SMS messages from your Google Voice number to your Address Book and Google contacts right from the Dashboard: - When the widget is first installed it will open on the account setting page - enter your email address and password to log into your Google Voice account (the password will be stored in your System Keychain).

- Once you are successfully logged in, the widget will display your Google Voice number and currently available calling credit.

See here for information on our Mac app and the Today widget that’s included with it.

Updated August 4th: Delivery Status 6.2.1 fixes most known problems. When you click to sign in, Delivery Status attempts to open Safari so it can show you a sign in page. You should be able to sign in manually like this: There’s also a new “Amazon - by tracking link” option that lets you track deliveries without signing in.


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