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Consolidating districts in the upper mid west Dating with aunties world

School district consolidation is a hot topic among some budget-conscious leaders in Jackson, and Bolivar County is the most-often-used poster child in those discussions.With six districts within its borders, Bolivar County has more districts than any other county in the state.The eighteen consolidations now in operation are due mainly to local initiative. If the people take the initiative in enlarging the boundaries of the district or in bringing several districts together under consolidation they can generally be relied on to back up the new school with a liberal educational policy; out this does not always assure the community of the right type of school, nor the province of schools economically or correctly located.

Although it is classified as having only one school, the Benoit district has a superintendent, who makes about ,000; an assistant superintendent, whose salary is ,449; and a full-time principal (although the position is vacant at the moment), who last school year was paid about ,000.

Without the benefit of being able to physically experience a building, its design can be difficult to grasp.

Because you can’t touch and feel the final product until it’s built, how can you be confident you’ve identified your options and made educated decisions?

all the small rural schools in Saskatchewan as strong one-teacher schools of the community type described in the preceding chapter, there would be little need, for the so-called consolidated schools.

Unfortunately, many school districts are too sparsely settled and are financially unable to maintain such schools.


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