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Companies mandating elements used in radioactive dating

"I think the most shocking statistic was really the fact that the individuals at the top of an organization — executives like CEOs and CIOs, and even board members — didn't feel personally responsible for cybersecurity or protecting the customer data," Damato told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Friday.

"As a result they're handing this off to their techies, and they're really just placing their heads in the sand right now," he said.

The findings come at a time when companies around the world are losing 5 billion due to cybercrime last year, according to an estimate by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The frequency and severity of cyber penetrations, as well as the sophistication of hackers, has increased dramatically, said Lou Modano, chief information security officer at Nasdaq.

Unbeknownst to many, the prison system has become a for-profit business in which inmates are the product–a system that has shocking similarities to another human-based business from America’s past: slavery.

In late 2013, a new report from In the Public Interest (ITPI) revealed that private prison companies are striking deals with states that contain clauses guaranteeing high prison occupancy rates–sometimes 100 percent.

More than 90 percent of corporate executives said they cannot read a cybersecurity report and are not prepared to handle a major attack, according to a new survey.

More distressing is that 40 percent of executives said they don't feel responsible for the repercussions of hackings, said Dave Damato, chief security officer at Tanium, which commissioned the survey with the Nasdaq.

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Some experts believe this relationship between government and private prison corporations encourages law enforcement agencies to use underhanded tactics–often targeting minority and underserved groups–to fill cells.For example, this was the case when Mike Martz took over as head coach of the St. Also, the requirement does not apply if the assistant coach taking over the head position is a minority, as was the case with Mike Singletary and the San Francisco 49ers in late 2008., Rooney Rule requirements now apply to all searches for senior football operations positions within the NFL, regardless of a team's title for that position.It now also includes all ethnic minorities, not just African-Americans.“The report, ‘Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and ‘Low-Crime Taxes’ Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Corporations,’ documents the contracts exchanged between private prison companies and state and local governments that either guarantee prison occupancy rates (essentially creating inmate lockup quotas) or force taxpayers to pay for empty beds if the prison population decreases due to lower crime rates or other factors (essentially creating low-crime taxes),” reports Salon.As a result, there are now over 2 million people living behind bars in the United States.In addition, winemakers cannot introduce added sulfites to 100-percent organic wines, as the USDA considers sulfites to be a synthetic food additive.Does that mean that 100-percent organic wines are sulfite free?Other findings from the study showed that 98 percent of the most vulnerable executives have little confidence their firms constantly monitor devises and users on their systems.The survey was conducted by Goldsmiths and included responses from 1,530 nonexecutive directors and C-level executives in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Nordic countries.Naturally occurring sulfites are found on grapes, onions, garlic and many other plants; they are nature’s way of protecting plants from harmful microbes.During the winemaking process, natural sulfites are also produced when the grapes are fermented.


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