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Links to more than 25 Bald Eagle Cams in North America.Many people have generously helped to put this list together. first egg Jan 31 (broken Feb 1), second egg Feb 3, 2017 (broken Feb 3), third (2/6) and fourth (2/9) eggs also broken, fifth and sixth eggs laid and broken, seventh egg laid Mar 9, 2017, eighth egg Mar 12, 2017) or direct here –note: this cam can be challenging to view with most browsers needing special settings and you need the login and password (found on the main link page).Blood work was also done to determine the sex of the bird, and the lab results are in! Read about Honor’s amazing rescue and return to the nest. Teachers who would like to set up a private Q & A for their class, please email [email protected] We apologize that not every comment and question can be approved/answered/acknowledged and appreciate your understanding!Why am I having trouble participating in LIVE Q & A? Sometimes our LIVE Q & A Chatroll account reaches the max capacity of participants and you may not be able to join.

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It was returned to the nest less than 24 hours later after getting a medical checkup. This ensures that the Live Q & A box is not overrun with too many comments and questions and also ensures that our moderators are able to provide adequate responses.

We hope to move toward installing any new equipment we get with better protections in place, and more backups for outages like this one. We have been in communication with AXIS, the camera manufacturer, and they said we would have to wait till we could physically be in contact with the camera to further diagnose it. As much as we love to watch our eagles it would be highly unethical, and highly illegal for us to disturb their nest in any way right now. We have been in contact with AXIS the manufacturer of the camera and the only advice they could offer was to wait till the eaglets fledge.

Just going up the tree to get the camera at this stage could risk disturbing the eagles, and would be a violation of the International Migratory Birds Treaty, and the Bald Eagle Golden Eagle Protection Act (Act 16 U. There is just nothing more we can do that can be done from the ground, all the connections to the camera are perfectly fine, it is the camera itself that has a problem. It may not seem like it in chat, but people are still coming to the site.

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