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Beer commercial online dating

What’s more, Anheuser-Busch In Bev, which recently cut its revenue projections for the year after reporting a consistent sales slump, invested near-record levels on its short TV spot.

reports that AB In Bev pulled the ads “a little earlier than expected,” though a spokesman for the brewer said the ad campaign was always scheduled to end in the fall.

“It seems to me there’s some basic code language going on here that is missed by the BBQ man who insists that you never flip another man’s meat. “As for targeting football fans and the tailgating crowd with these ads (judging by their placement on ESPN and the times), I’m not sure if this will bomb in a room full of straight guys watching the game together or simply make them uncomfortable as they try to decipher the innuendo.

I mean I get it, it’s a European beer with a gay man as spokesperson, perhaps they wanted to turn it all up to eleven and we’d hit the magic funny spot, but to me it just seems a little flat.” Other commenters are have a variety of reactions, including: The ad is by Publicis Worldwide, according to Advertising Age.

Busch then shows Anheuser a sketching of a bottle adorned with the Budweiser logo, and the pair shake hands.

“We then see the words appear: ‘When nothing will stop your dream, this is the beer you’ll drink.’ We end with the Budweiser logo and [tagline], ‘This Bud’s for you,'” she said of the ad. “It’s true, Adolphus Busch made an incredible journey to this country, and that’s really what this is about.

Ricardo Marques, vice president and executive for the Budweiser brand in the U. It’s about his vision, his dream, everything that he doest to achieve that,” Marques told Ad Week.

“This year’s campaign more than others lets Neil be Neil,” Ralph Rijks, senior VP-marketing for the Heineken megabrand at Heineken USA, said in an email interview with Advertising Age.

“These were the most fun to shoot, and his improv skills we think came through perfectly on camera.” Like the reporting you see here?


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